Marines sp01 crosman rifle and pistol. (Discontinued)

Airsoft rifle and pistol, both spring action. I couldnt find a category for spring action so I chose this one. They have both been decorated with "camos" and work great. The pistol has one flaw; a small crack in the side directly under the safety. The AR has a switch for more or less hop-up. Hop-up makes the BB's go higher when shot. They both take 6mm plastic bb's, chamber and fire without issues, and are mostly in good condition. As stated, they are discontinued, both online and in stores. The sp01 rifle and pistol. Rifle also has a tactical rail on top, where the sights are, and on bottom. The stock can be folded and clipped to the side of the gun. Front sight has an adjustable hole for more or less fov for the back sight. Both sights fold down.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 325
Status: Working