Umbrella Armory G&G SR-15

This is the Bugatti of airsoft guns. 2020 Umbrella Armory G&G SR-15. It is the best airsoft gun you will ever buy. All of the internals are custom made by Umbrella Armory and to view more specifications go look at the gun on Umbrella Armory’s website. It is also in almost new condition. I shot it through its break in rounds and then pretty much never used it again. I’m selling it because I have quit playing airsoft and it sits dormant. I did shoot it recently though and it works great. Comes with battery, iron sights, mid cap magazine, and 4 Umbrella Armory patches. If you would like 32g BBs I can also include some of those. There are 5 small scratches on the hand guard and the fake muzzle has scuffs on it from where I tried to remove it. If you have more questions feel free to ask. I bought it brand new for $985 and like I said it is basically a new gun.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working