Upgraded Avalon rifle with parts and accessories

Gun bag, rifle, strobe light and laser pek 19, strobe flashlight, 2 slings, 2 storm grenades, over 4000 bb’s, three light up adjustable arm bands, admin pouch, rubber training dagger, bio frost tracer that shoots rainbows with charger. Six deans Lipo batteries. 5mags. Mostly full box of 123 batteries.2 speed loaders, original and upgraded motors for rifle.4 mil sim tourniquet , helmet, safety glasses, red/green dot sights, fore grip, original barrel with original hop up unit, 2 upgraded barrels and two max hop up units,one silencer attachment. One 350 fps spring and two 400 fps springs.barrel cover, goggles and half mask, and lastly two moral patches.

Status: Working
FPS (w/ .20g BB): 365