Upgraded G&G Top Tech GR16-A3 w/2 KWA magazines

I'm looking to sell my upgraded G&G Top Tech GR16-A3. It has been babied, so it is in great shape.

The upgrades are as follows:
Prometheus 6.03mm stainless inner barrel, R-hopped
SHS/Rocket 16TPA high torque motor
Lonex steel cylinder
Lonex POM air nozzle
Lonex cylinder head
Guarder SP110 spring
SHS full metal 15 teeth piston
Wired to Deans with thicker wiring in gearbox
I ran 0.3's with it, and the r-hop can really carry them far, but I am not going to attempt to estimate how far. :)
The AOE was corrected with laser cut Sorbo pads, and the compression is excellent.

Comes with two (2) KWA 120 round magazines.
Please note that the stated FPS is only an estimate based off the SP110 alone. It has been a long time since I last played, let alone chronoed it

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 360
Status: Working