40mm "Maggie" 3D printed Micro Launcher. $45 shipped.

Read all of this ad.

Yes it is inexpensive, tough and reliable. 3 Walled, 15% infilled, made with hatchbox PLA, and printed on fast.

Designed to be slid on to standard metal picatinney rails.

Read it again: Designed To Fit Standard Aluminum Picatinney Rails.

If you have plastic rails that are nonstandard, it may not fit well. Do not buy it if it wont fit. You can not return or refund it.

No returns. No refunds.

That policy allows me to keep my costs low and controled.

For $45 shipped you get a breach loaded 40mm launcher and a tethered push button breach.

The breach locks over each ear on the barrel, and latches are depressed to remove it and reload.

The "Maggie" is a robust easy to use launcher to fire a 40mike, or any gas beehive airsoft shell.
A Vulture Tech original design. It is tonka tough, and the barrel is double ended. You can not mount it backwards. Slides off when you do not want it on the rifle any more. Its snug so just slide it off.

The shell is fired by depressing the spring loaded button on the breach.

Orders take about 2 days to ship, and as soon as the tracking is available it will be sent to the customer.

The barrel has a notch to help slide out the shorter shells.

Barrels, and breaches can be bought individually for $25 shipped each.

Shipping is for continental US only.

Paypal preferred.

Pictures were taken on a carbine lengthening rail system

.80 lbs empty.

Ask for more / better pics and shooting clip.

Text or email -G Russell

214 901 6283