Taran Tactical G19 + 3 mags (1 has tti baseplate, 1 extended)

Fully Built Taran Tactical G19

Parts are as follows:

WE G19 gen 3 frame

Custom stipple and cuts on the frame

Nova Taran Tactical G19 Slide/Barrel and sights

Bomber Taran Tactical G19 Magwell

Volante Stratos Blowback unit + mag lips + 2 extra

Bomber 8mm ball bearing for the trigger

custom length 6.01 barrel

Maple leafe autobots 60 degree (will include a brand new one)

Taran tactical baseplate on one of the mags

will include Surefire XC1


here is a vid of some hits.

This pistol is IDEAL if you dont want to spend a shit load on parts or wait a load of time for everything to arrive. There is virtually no wear on this pistol, kicks really nice with the blowback unit, and will be reliable when you need it.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 330
Status: Working