LCT SR3 Custom

Message me, I don't want to attach my PayPal to this website. I can do PayPal goods and services, friends and family, or cash if we meet face to face and practice social distancing.

NOTE: FPS read with 0.25g BB is 320ish

I Cover PayPal Fees.
Buyer Covers shipping. Paypal only unless meeting face to face at Nashville Airsoft. No trades unless it's for a vipertech or mags (VPMags, G&P Pmag, GHK GMag)

5x 50rd Midcaps (Brown)
250rd hicap (Black)
SHS Compression (Cylinder Head, Nozzle, Piston Head, Piston)
SHS 12:1 Gearset
ASG 22k Motor
Modify 120+ Spring
GATE Titan Basic (Selector modified for SR3 use. Set for semi and 3 round burst)
Maple leaf 70 degree
AOE Corrected, Shimmed
Top Rail (Brainexploder)
900 mAH battery (deans)

Other notes: Note that the grip screw is not original and is far too long, so the grip can slide vertically. Includes suppressor and the mag marked as "parts" is just a shell and baseplate.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 357
Status: Working