Classic Army M15A4 R.I.S. AEG $110 OBO

Selling this Classic Army M15A4 R.I.S.. It is battery operated with 0 hours of game play but approximately 12-24 hours total of back yard plinking in it’s lifetime. Externally it has very minor cosmetic damages such as scratches on some edges from being handled and moved around from in and out of storage but 98% of the paint still looks good. Internally the gun Is fully stock with no upgrades. The gun came with a standard wind up magazine and an external battery case. I purchased a real steel scope rail mount that can be attached to the carrying handle and a ABS plastic forward handle as accessories. I am willing to throw in these accessories at a small additional cost. The gun hasn’t been used in several years due to not being able to take out without scaring the neighbors or not having time to play and not having a legal airsoft playing field nearby. The gun has been mostly stored inside its box or left inside a closed room closet behind clothing. Only time it was ever taken out was to shoot red cups in the back yard with friends.

This gun is a great general purpose gun and would be a great starter gun for a new airsoft player. This gun deserves some real play action so please help me sell this gun to someone who will use it for it’s real purpose. Thank you.
$120 for gun with accessories
$110 for gun
Prices are negotiable.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 350
Status: Working