Airsoft Collection

Selling my airsoft collection. COVID and other things preventing me from going out and playing anymore. Hate to get rid of everything but hopefully someone else will put good use to it. Details about every item below:

Lancer Tac 300rd metal windup mag
APS Dragon 300rd plastic windup mag
Lancer Tac 170 DMR metal windup mag
Custom extended 500rd metal flash mag (THIS MAG IS AMAZING)
Colt 1911 15rd metal mag
2000rd rotary speed loader
100 rd small speed loader

Standard BB safe ballistic goggles
Skeleton Half mask (Mesh)
Drop leg Pistol holster
Drop leg mag holster (2000 rd speed loader can fit in here)
Lancer Tac combat knife (plastic)(can be used as a bayonet on a special Lancer tac gen 2 M4)
EMG BB's ~800 left
Acetech red tracer BB's 2,600 left
Bulldog BB's ~200 left
Crossman CO2 cartridges (4 left)

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4 (I think its the LT-19 if I can remember the name):

  • Comes with Red Dot sight and laser (No batteries)

  • Runs about $170 on Amazon but ill let it go for just $120

Limited Edition APS "Red Dragon" Electric Blowback M4:

  • I'm gonna be honest with yall...this gun hits like a f***ing truck. On God.

  • Fps: Right now i have it set to about 520fps which i think is the max (Dont tell the referees ssshhhh lol)

  • Comes with an raised reflex sight and laser (Viper-Ops)(Needs batteries)

  • Comes with Acetech Tracer unit (Supports max Acetech range for both red AND green tracer BB's)(I also still have the original barrel tip too)

  • Full Metal and adjustable hopup

  • I guess a cool pro is that red BB's make it look like its "Breathing fire"(cause its called the Red Dragon....get it?)

  • The locking mechanism to the charging handle is missing, making it go back only a bit when it fires, but you'll still feel the kick, and its an easy fix anyway. It still fires like a dream.

  • Little bit of wear on the padded stock cheek pad

  • HMU for offers but PLEASE no lowballing. I paid a FORTUNE for this stuff and its definitely worth the money (I cant even count how many people will avoid me out on the field lol)

  • There will be an extra charge if you want a battery. Not included in this collection

  • Cashapp/ PayPal and Cash only

Thank You!

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 500
Status: Working