WG Special Combat Pistol 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Gun

WG Special Combat Pistol 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Gun. This pistol has been TESTED to 500FPS. Used only a few times It has 3 extra 16 round MAGAZINES!


New Generation Gas Blowback System. (Slide moves half-cycle / 1" for accuracy, efficiency, and power conservation.)
High Power output, performance, range, accuracy, and dnourability. 400~500 FPS
(not so) Highly efficient CO2 system fires over 60 BB's on one CO2 cartridge at over 450+FPS
Railed Frame for tactical light, laser, and other accessories/attachments Special Combat
Functional on frame safety
Ergonomic polymer / textured 1911 hand grip
Adjustable Rear Sight
Detachable Heavy Weight Co2 Magazine

This Model comes with a black full metal slide, frame, and imitation wood grip.

The WinGun Xtreme 45 US Combat 1911 shooting 450+ FPS right out of the box! Powered by Co2 cartridges you can find anywhere. This handgun does it all with an awesome 400~500+ FPS output while sticking to its beautiful exterior construction, finish, and realism.

Manufacturer: WinGun

FPS Range: 400-499

Color: Black / Wood
Length: 215mm
Gas: 12-gram CO2 cartridge
Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic, Safety
Action: Gas Blowback / Semi-Automatic
Muzzle Velocity: 450~500+ FPS. Measured with 0.20g bb
Hopup: Yes, adjustable
Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
Package Includes Gas Pistol, Magazine, Manual, Adjustment tool, and a small pack of bbs.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 500
Status: Working