Full Airsoft equipment

KWA QRF Mod 1, APR 9, Glock 18c, Both rifles come with gun slings and custom stocks and are AEG semi and full auto, pistol is gas blowback and is semi and full auto, 2 11.1 liPo with battery chargers, 1 1/2 tanks of green gas, 2 tracers 1 is AceTech Lighter w/ Bluetooth and other is AceTech Lighter S, Valken mask, tactical vest with click holders for multiple rifle and pistol clips, extra clips for both rifles and pistol, camo pants, red and green tracer bbs 0.25, regular bbs 0.25, pistol holster and belt, speed loaders. See below for what I paid for all this not including tax so you will see your saving over $300 buying from me. Just bought everything new in Aug 2020 only selling because having a baby and won’t be able to play much anymore.

KWA Mod1- $330
MRP 9- $210
Glock 18 C- $200
AceTech BT- $99
AceTech S- $65
Valken Mask- $70
2 Batteries- $50
2 Battery Charges- $40
Red/Green Tracer BBs- $40
Camo Pants- $20
2 Speed Loaders- $10
KWA Mod 1 Extra 3 Mags- $37
Extra Mid cap ARP 9 Mag- $20
Gas Extra Glock 2 Mags- $60
2 Custom Stocks- $30
2 Gun Slings- $36
Tac Vest & Pistol Holster- $60

Total: $1377

Status: Working