Upgraded VSR-10 style Airsoft Sniper Rifle- Shoots 480 fps!

For sale is my VSR-10 style airsoft sniper rifle. I bought this rifle about a month ago from a local airsoft store. They thoroughly test and check every order they receive to make sure their guns are quality. This particular rifle is made by a private seller with custom upgraded parts for increased out of the box performance and fps. This rifle shoots about 450 to 480 fps with .20 gram bbs and about 350-380 fps with .32 grams. I bought it for $180 no sale or anything like that. I also got an extra magazine that is worth $20 that will be included with the gun, so there will be 2 magazines total. I have only played with it about 3 times, so there are only minor dings and scratches on the rifle. I am selling it because I soon learned about building your own gun and wanted to go that route instead. There are no issues with the gun I would just like to get a different model that I can upgrade myself. Also, the rifle is fully compatible with any VSR/Bar 10 parts if you want to upgrade it even more. Again, the gun is in great condition and is fun to use!

Please contact by email only! Thanks!

Status: Working
FPS (w/ .20g BB): 480