Novritsch SSX-23 w/ extras

This is a bone stock SSX-23 other than an outer barrel swap to the black outer barrel because I hated the orange tip. The package includes two magazines, the original outer barrel with the orange tip, the novritsch suppressor, the 14mm ccw thread adapter, the quick release holster with the belt attachment, obviously the gun itself and the included gun case. I have never used it in a battle so there is zero wear and tear. You would definitely want to look at to see the chart on which type of green gas to use with whatever temperature you are playing in. I just don’t want to look at this gun anymore taking up space and collecting dust when I never use it. I’m willing to negotiate price a little bit but keep in mind it is a practically brand new gun, and all the extras would cost about $280 if you bought one new from novritsch.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 300
Status: Working