Lancer Tactical Gen1 M4 w/ extras

So this is a Generation one lancer tactical m4 but it has mostly generation two internals. This includes a complete gem two gearbox with a quick change spring guide and an electronic trigger unit. It is wired with a small type Tamiya connector as seen in the pictures. Included with the package in selling are 6 magazines, 3 are mid caps and 3 are high caps.
Of the 3 mid cap magazines the one with the blue pieces holds 30 rounds and the other two each hold 190 rounds. The high cap magazines all hold 300 rounds. The mock suppressor, hand guard, stock, and for grip are all aftermarket aluminum pieces I put on the gun myself. I was going to extend the inner barrel to the end of the mock suppressor but I never got around to it and fell in love with the noise this gun makes when it shoots anyway. There are no issues with this gun I am just getting out of airsoft sadly I recently moved and don’t really have anywhere to play and I can’t shoot these types of guns in my neighborhood. Plastic pieces on the gun include the upper and lower receiver, buffer tube, motor grip, and flip up iron sights. Everything else is metal including the internal components. If you have any questions or want any other pictures shoot me a message and we can talk.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working