Airsoft Full Setup (Upgraded VSR-10 / G36C / P226)

VSR-10 (Full Laylax Upgraded)
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 (Parts)
M40A1 Stock, Bipod, Sling, Scope, Laser, 8 Magazines
Tokyo Marui G36C
Laser, Sling, Front Grip, Light, 6 Magazines
Tokyo Marui P226 (Laylax Upgrades)
Laser/Light combo, Lanyard, 2 Magazines

Extra Kit
Plate Carrier, 5 Rifle Mag pouches, 7 Pistol Mag Pouches (Sniper Mags Fit)
Pistol Holster that also holds 1 Magazine
Full Camo Outfit + Carry Bag, Tool box,
Pelican 1750 and 1700 Cases to Haul Airsoft Guns and Gear

Also includes 3 different BB weights and 8 different springs to adjust the sniper rifles overall FPS. Many different parts for repair and other accessories included.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 350
Status: Working