Lancer Tactical Bundle. Never Used in game! Only test fired.

See images for model #’s. These are like new have never been used in a game and only been test fired. I bought these for my son and then he decided after I bought them he didn’t wanna play or soft.
Lancer Tactical M4 (fore grip for M4) & AK. Each gun has 2 working high capacity mags, jam clearing rod, barrel covers.
*6000 + rounds
*Universal Battery Charger
*Extra nun-chuck battery for both guns.
*2 Mesh face mask
Also comes with 2 like new mags that I could not get to work. Lancer Tactical sent 2 brand new ones so each gun does have 2 working mags :)
410FPS for AK-47
395 FPS for MF

Status: Working
FPS (w/ .20g BB): 410