G&P Stoner LMG

it's the g&p stoner,
there is a Sorbo pad and shim job to make it quiet with a softer hop up bucking to be durable with the high fire rate. ZCI 22TPA motor. Dytac Polycarbonate Piston with Piston Head and Full Steel Teeth Rack. I also have a Nukefet for it that I have not installed, if youre interested I can send it with for $26

. the magazines auto feeding doesn't work(it can be fixed I just don't know how) so I affixed the feeding button to the outside of the ammo box for easy access and manual feeding.

I personally preferred this the way that I played which was being sneaky, I could choose when to load the box max.

I'll add in at least one battery.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 380
Status: Working