Custom upgraded ultra high-speed King Arms m4 aeg

Heavily modified king arms m4AEG

This gun is great, absolutely love it, but Ive had my fun and need to move on to another project

Ultra high rate of fire ≈ 30rps

-13:1 high speed gears
-m120 irregular pitch spring
-lightweight "swiss-cheesed" polymer piston with ball-
bearing piston head
-aluminum air nozzle with o-ring
-double o-ring cylinder head
-gearbox is re-shimmed
-12tpa 50k motor
-Modify Accurate hopup chamber with lonex bucking
-6.05mm x 430mm inner barrel

Comes with everything shown in picture.
the mags are a 300 and 500rd high-cap.

MINOR CON: there is not a functional bolt catch, but the mock bolt is tightened to allow it to stay open when charging handle is pulled. to close the mock bolt, the charging handle will need to be pushed back.

the dust cover does not close.

the upper and lower receiver is high- strength polymer, but the rail, outer barrel, and buffer tube is metal, along with all three compensators. the 500rd hi-cap is also metal.

package also includes two extra batteries for the sight, and a microfiber cloth to clean the inner barrel.


FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working