Custom raider 2.0 aeg assault rifle

Hello this is a custom aeg raider 2.0 assault rifle the gun is not that use use but I have brand new parts such a a hop up unit, inner barrle and putter barrle extension this will include 2 250 round emp1 magazine and a 120 round mag with the stock 450 mag it comes with I will also be give a mag pouch and a helmet along with the gun it has a batter and charger I am also giving a extra batter with this the outer accessory are a reflex sight with different modes red and green color the sights are dot,crosshair,starburst,and bullseye , there is also a vertical grip along with it I am also giving a magazine pouch that holds two mags but can only be attached to a vest

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 470
Status: Working