Custom upgraded m4 aeg

Heavily upgraded APS/EMG/f1 electric blowback m4

*buffer tube fits stick type lypo

This m4 is one of my favorite guns i've used in a match,
Shoots fast and far, gun feels real nice, super sturdy.

Has the Jefftron Leviathan mosfet installed

Shoots around 25-30rps

-rocket airsoft 16:1 high speed gears
-Jefftron Leviathan mosfet
-matrix m120 irregular pitch spring
-SHS lightweight CNC aluminum piston w/ steel teeth
- Maxx aluminum ball-bearing piston head
- APS ball bearing spring guide
-SHS double o-ring aluminum cylinder head
-Maxx double o-ring aluminum air nozzle
-gearbox is re-shimmed
-Matrix "reloaded" tourque-speed motor (16tpa 37k)
-EMG/Maxx ME pro hopup
-6.01x430mm inner barrel
-maple leaf bucking

full metal

Comes with everything shown
all 5 mags are 190rd mid-caps

package includes 3 batteries for the red dot, and a microfiber cloth to clean the barrel.


FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working