AEG's and Misc Gear

G&G CM16 Raider - Took orange tip off but the threads are fine, missing charging handle, 5/10 condition, good if you plan on upgrading the internals. Slight wobble on barrel.

CYMA AK-105 - Muzzle break was removed because the gun came to me cross threaded brand new, needs new spring for charging handle, best condition out of all guns and is very solid. 8/10 condition

Echo 1 (I think) AK-74N - I bought this gun off a guy at the field, I think either the motor stripped out or something inside the gear box, just makes a wining sound when trying to shoot. In pretty rough condition, I'll just throw it in for free honestly. 2/10 condition

I have some misc gear, mags, a battery, soft case, and other stuff. I stopped playing about 2 years ago and can't post this stuff on Facebook Marketplace so here I am. Just let me know if you want to know what all i've got

I'll take 175 plus shipping for all the guns or 250 plus shipping for everything i've got, which is well over 800 dollars in gear and guns.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 300
Status: Working