CYMA with hydra hpa and bucking

CYMA body with hydra hpa swap and mad bull red bucking shoots real far and smooth 10 mags are mid cap the cost extra at 5$ a pop and the 3 high caps are free with the gun also have a kit for this gun I can sell for an extra 100$ has the capability to hold 15 mags I’ve ran through all 15 within 1-4hrs playing Mil events other two mid caps got lost otherwise I’d have a complete setup also have real scar-h single mag pouches (3) total very hard to come by 15$ a pop buy everything and I’ll throw in a newish elite force 1911 with a extended mag for everything it totals up to 695 that’s damn near everything to get started with besides the tank, regulator and line contact me at 14054740582 through text

Status: Working
FPS (w/ .20g BB): 500