Selling everything 1700.00

I have a ton of my airsoft gear that I’m trying to get rid of. Price includes custom sniper rifle, Stoner lmg, CO2 pump tri- shot shotgun, ICS 6rd grenade launcher, 2 custom V-12 at style rifle, full auto Beretta 92fs pistol, glock, elite force 1911 with 6 mags, H&K pistols, ar-57, along with 2 sniper suits( one green and one tan), two plate carriers, two sets of bdu’s two grenade cores with new pack of shells, sniper belt with holster for Glock a couple sets of gloves, couple of mesh masks, couple of head wraps, a couple of tracer units, a couple of bottles of bio bbs, will send pics and will sell items separately if needed. Just getting into new hobbies. Price includes shipping.

Status: Working