FN Herstal F2000/M4 SBR/Black Hornet Pistol

F2000-$250 M4-$150 Black Hornet-$85
FN is used but had all internals reworked and rewired after last field run, very high rate of fire good for booth indoor and outdoor play, spring can be adjusted to lower and raise fps with also a quick spring change system. Also it does have modifications from standard, when people hear it they get scared. M4 is pretty much stock, its the SBR version with an extended barrel and mock suppressor. Black hornet pistol is semi/full auto version with SMG drop in body kit for shoulder fire configuration. Both pistol and SBR have had very little use, primarily indoor. Also the FN has a custom multi point tactical harness for a real F2000. Have extra magazines and other gear as well if interested. I have no time left for airsoft so please feel free to make an offer, worst I can do is say no.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 420
Status: Working