Selling all of my airsoft guns/ gear. Used to play religiously a few years back and have not played since. The guns all work perfectly fine other than some scratches from playing. Looking to sell all items in bulk, will offer multiple weapons for Milsim, CQB, and even just playing with friends back yard. I have never ran into any issues with any of the weapons, other than the built in laser on the WG Panther 801, is quite touchy and inconsistent and could use a little electrical work to fix but don’t have the time or care to fix such minor inconveniences.

Anyways, this collection of equipment offers a lot of visual and internal variations that can be very easily swapped around to fit whatever feels best for how you play. FPS wise, depending where I was playing I would substitute our uppers and lowers to fit the field FPS limit. Very helpful to have multiple FPS lowers that are interchangeable.

-HK 416 CQB - 13 mags
-Elite Force 4CRS - 13 mags
-Elite Force 1911- 1 mag (co2)

-WG Panther 801- 1 mag (co2)
-Spring Action m14- 1 mag High cap

FPS: HK 416 CQB- 330, EF 4CRS- 380, M14- 400, EF 1911- 335 , WG Panther 801- 380

-Matrix 4x32AO Scope ($45)
- Vert bipod grip
-Valken Red dot
- RVG vertical grip
- Lightweight Silent Options Series Suppressor
-Troy angled foregrip
- Troy rail guards (x4)
- Lens protector
- Pressure pad LED flashlight (missing pressure pad)
- 2 coiled orange tips
- Magull Mag assist (x4) (tan) Magazine (for 416/ 4crs)
- 4 tan elite force midcap (140 rds) (1 custom art)
- 3 black elite force midcap (2/ silver)
- 2 G&G 120 rd mid cap mags (1 painted black)
- 1 metal midcap mag
- 3 metal high cap mags
- Lancer Tactical Vest (tan)
- 4 patches
-Mag Drop pouch (black)
-3 mag pouch (tan)
-2 mag pouch (tan)
-2 mag pouch (black)
-1 small pouch (black)
-1 large pouch (tan)
-1 pistol mag pouch (tan)
-1 pistol holster (tan)
-2 pairs of gloves (grey/black) These gloves work very well for both Speedsoft and Milsim
-1 plastic knee guard (black) Used this for speed soft and CQB combat only, great for sliding
-3 masks with an extra lens that fits into each of them. (2 Black, 1 green)
-1 wire mesh face/ nose mask (green)
-1 pair safety glasses

-1 lipo charger
- 2 lipo batteries (11.1 v, 7.4 v)
- 2 mag reloads (black, clear)
- 1 4000/5000 bbs Valken Tactical 0.28 G
- 2 3000/5000 bbs Valken Tactical 0.28 G
- 1 1500/6000 bbs Elite Force 0.25 G

The toys
-4 rails to choose from here.
In any case, the rails need to be put on, and in my situation I ran into multiple problems when I was building this piece from scraps. The Base gun is a CQC, which I really liked the internal suppressor on. This gun was going to be used primarily for speed soft/ indoor close quarters so I had bought and installed a beefed up motor as well with a gearbox I got from a friend. There’s a slight issue with gearbox, but I don’t have the time nor care to spend time fixing it now. Would love to see someone put the time in and turn the toy into its true potential.

All of the items have served me well and hope that I can find someone to keep their value alive.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 1
Status: Working