EMG Falkor reece 2.0, JW3, Socom Gear M9A1, HK USP, Black ops M4

I purchased during pandemic and used only twice. NO PROBLEMS. Getting out of airsoft. EMG Falkor reece 2.0 comes with NC Star red dot (never used), blue FALKOR Defense compensator, PTS machined billet foregrip, 2000 mah 11.1V 15C lithium ion battery. John Wick 3 TTI 2011 Green Gas blowback with original mag as well as two extended 52 round mags from AW. Socom Gear M9A1 green gas blowback with one mag. Black ops M4 with foregrip bipod, ni-mh 8.4V 1100 mah. HK nonblowback C02 with mag and 15 C02 cartridges.

Selling 7 G and P 130 round mags with speedloader.

EMG- $450
JW3- $230
Socom M9A1- $140
M4- $60
HK USP- $30
Mags- $85

Status: Working