(LOT) *NEW* Guns + Some Goggles

Small Airsoft Lot

All are brand new. Never fired.

They were originally going to be project guns to work on, but I have too many and don't have the time.

Will sell whole lot for $375 + free shipping, which is about 25% off current retail.

Will have shipping costs if sold in pieces.
PayPal for payments.

(Top Left) Colt Licensed Sportline AEG. $100
(Bot Left) EMG Archon Type B GBB $150
(Mid) Some Yellow Tinted Goggles. $30
(Top Right) Matrix Sportline AEG $90
(Bot Right) Taurus M92 C02 NBB $35

Both AEGs have V2 gearboxes, so are easily upgraded.
Archon pistol has performance out of the box comparable to EF Glock. I have another one I kept and a buddy has one.

Can send more pics on request.
Message with offers.

Pickup available in and around West Kentucky.

Status: Working