ASG AUG AEG sportline

Lighty used AUG AEG with high capacity winding magazine that holds 300 rounds. Comes in original packaging with all manuals and includes an 8.4 volt 1400 mah NIMH battery using small Tamiya connector. Charger is also included. Gun works perfectly well and has a metal v3 gear box with quick-change spring system. Has a 1.5x scope and integrated vertical grip. This is the full package for a beginner who wants something besides and m4 or AK and will out-complete anything else in its price range. Speaking of price, there is room for negotiation if $150 is too high. The only honest problem this gun has is that some of the parts are difficult to fit together during reassembly. Otherwise, this gun is in great condition and performs very well. If you choose to purchase this gun and want it shipped, please use the pickup option because I don't have a business PayPal account to use on this site so a private transaction will be nessesary but shipping will still be possible.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 300
Status: Working