Taran Tactical Innovations Jag Precision Combat Master Hi-Capa

I recently picked up this gun in a mystery box deal and since then I’ve realized that it’s a little more trouble than it’s worth for me personally to get green gas for it and in games I really didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. It functions perfectly other than one problem which was user error not the guns fault. The safety does not work because it was accidentally switched to the safe position without the hammer being cocked back. Meaning a small amount of metal was worn off the inside part of the safety making it no longer function. It has since been glued in place to keep it from moving at all and other than that the gun works 100% perfectly as it should. Only modifications done aside from the glued safety it the orange tip has been removed. Price is pretty firm it will come with the second green gas magazine shown in the pictures. Sturdy feeling gun no scratches or nicks anywhere. Fiber optic front sight fully adjustable rear sight. Flared mag well for those easy reloads. Mostly metal construction except for the obvious places. Thanks for looking!!

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 340
Status: Working