Classic Army M4 cqb length

This is the newest line of classic army m4s equipped with an electronic trigger unit with programmable burst fire modes (that is very easy to program via the instructions included with the gun) as well as a full metal gearbox with a quick change spring guide system and a rotary hop up unit. This gun functions flawlessly I’ve put a grand total of maybe 200 bbs through the barrel. I just don’t have a use for this gun and would rather use the space it takes up for something else. It is wired to the stock with a standard small type tamiya connector. The gun has a metal outer barrel and buffer tube and the rest is plastic. The plastic is surprisingly sturdy and doesn’t cream or wiggle at all. The gun includes one 300 round high capacity magazine (I have many other m4 mags let me know what you need the price will go up if you want more than the included one) and flip up front and rear iron sights. Single sling mount point on the buffer tube as well as an adjustable stock with I believe the full 6 positions. Nice rubber butt plate. Overall it is a sturdy good feeling gun that I’m sure will last you forever. Thanks for the interest!!

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 350
Status: Working