Lancer Tactical Gen 1 M4

This is a heavily modified generation 1 lancer tactical M4. A different stock was attached along with the wires moved to be rear wired to a small type tamiya connector. A Prometheus purple hop up bucking was installed and it works great. 14 mm counter clockwise mock suppressor installed up front along with the metal hand guard and snagged fore grip. The gearbox is actually out of a Gen 2 proline series lancer tactical gun meaning it has an electronic trigger unit for extra fast trigger response time as well as LiPo battery capabilities. Plastic flip up front and rear sights I had laying around as well as the scope up top which is a real scope not a fake piece of plastic. The gun is clocking right around a steady 410 FPS but it does have an almost brand new m120 spring installed so that number could drop slightly with more use. An EMG burst 35k motor is also installed meaning this gun is pumping out somewhere in the range of 17-22 rounds per second and with the metal can up front it sounds pretty good doing it. I have several mid caps and high capacity magazines available as well as the black carrying case you see in the back ground. The case itself is a very nice sturdy padded case that will cost a little bit extra if you want it too. Just let me know what you need. The only issue the gun has is the safety doesn’t work whatsoever, aside from that it’s golden.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working