JAGARMS Shotgun/Scattergun

Airsoft Shotgun/Scattergun by JAGARMS.
Practically BRAND NEW. Used 2 times. Not a single issue.

Great gun for short to medium quarters and some long range.
FPS -345.
Green gas.
3-6 BBs in single shot with adjustment.
Total BBs on gun without carry 186!
31 BBs per shell.
Fast loader included.
Original box and instruction manual included too.

Feels as real shotgun in hands.
Price with tax 250$+ without muzzle cover and strap, which adds additional 25-30$ on top of that for muzzle cover and strap.

MY PRICE is 190$ for shotgun itself, muzzle cover and strap!

Total of 280$+ value for just 190$.

Status: Working
FPS (w/ .20g BB): 345