Krytac Kriss vector (Alpine White)

I have a limited-edition Alpine White vector. The certification is in hand. I will include a black tip as well as the default orange. The mini-mag that is in the original box is broken but I do have a extra midcap to replace it. Unfortunately, I do not have batteries for the gun. I only used it twice and just haven't had time for this gun. There is a tracer unit and some guards included. The Gun is in mint condition a great gun that looks very nice and holds to Krytac's name.

Willing to trade for an SSG-10 or 24, or a VSR-10 preferably with scope. I will consider without.

I will be uploading photos. If you would like to see more than what I put up feel free to ask.

Give me an offer.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 350
Status: Working