Hk 416 complete internal upgareds

VFC Umarex Hk 416 CQB Upgraded Aeg Package Black. This package is an upgraded Hk 416 Aeg. Inside it contains 16:1 steel tooth gears, a steel tooth piston, and a high speed motor. Three Hi-Cap magazines are also includes, along with a two Tamiya type batteries and a charger. Externally this gun is steel and will come with a laser attached to the front rail; However, the laser is removable. Trigger response is fine, range is good, and rps is good, but that was before the upgrades. This gun has been improved a lot, and should be a beast on the field. Externally this gun is used but the internals are new since I have just upgraded the gun. The three magazines are also brand new, so do not expect a feeding issues or broken mags.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 375
Status: Working