EBR m14

EBR m14 with lots of upgrades and taken well care of. It is setup for milsim west and American milsim events, along as our local field rules. Gun is programmed to Semi auto only with mosfit and lipo ready. Comes with 1 hi-cap 300 round and 3 mid-cap 190 round. Fully built gearbox and 6.01 tight bore barrel with original hop-up hitting a 2’x4’ box every time at 90 yards with .32g bb’s. It can reach out to 100 yards but not as consistent. Other parts that are not in picture are shs m150 spring, shs aluminum piston head with bearing, shs cylinder head and oring nozzle. 415 FPS with .25g price is obo.

Status: Working
FPS (w/ .20g BB): 455