Kwa ronin 6 (upgraded) (price negotiable)

Gun WITHOUT battery, mags, and red dot: $410
Gun WITH battery, mags and red dot: $475
(Buyer pays shipping)

Would kinda prefer to have this off my hands because I’ve got other projects, so just make an offer.

Here’s my kwa ronin. It’s the 2.5 gearbox so it has a changeable fps via an allen key in the stock. The internals were gutted and tuned by Dan at Tactical Parts. The fps sits around 375 last time I checked. This gun has a solid rated of fire around 22 rps. Nothing too aggressive but I was going for internal durability with this build.

The internals are well maintained, barrels cleaned and all that.

On the titan 11.1v, it has an incredible trigger response and it’s got very crisp shimming on the gears. The charging handle and dust cover are removed for ease of reaching the hop up on a whim and since it’s such a small gun, the charging handle would hit my facemask.

The paint is nothing special, just rattlecaned. It’s got several layerso of clearcoat so the paint is durable. All the magazines work well in the gun. One of them is the fancy k120 that came with the gun. The rest are normal kwa midcaps.
The red dot is functional. The titan battery is the best lipo you can get because it doesn’t swell or drain battery life over time.
Prices are negotiable. I am open to trades. Mainly gas blowback rifles (ghk, tm and the like) or a v3 hpa engine. Just hit me up. The worst I can say is no.
I have sold a couple of items here and also of the reddit r/airsoftmarket forum
All prices below are retail prices.

-Krytac trigger. 18
-maxx nozzle 10
-lonex cylinder head 15
-lonex piston head 15
-cyma piston 15
-asg 40k 40
-rhop 30
-shs 13:1 25
-gate asr 40
-Kwa ronin 6 300

Full Gun value: 508

-red dot 40
-x5 k120 midcaps 50
-11.1v titan battery 37

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 375
Status: Working