Custom EMG based AEG

Completely custom full metal EMG based aeg about $700 total upgrades (will consider offers)

(Rear wired deans/standard)

Has the Jefftron Leviathan mosfet installed w/ red speed super short pull trigger

-rocket airsoft 16:1 high speed gears
-SHS dual sector gear + trimmed tappet plate
-Jefftron Leviathan mosfet
-matrix m170 irregular pitch spring
-SHS lightweight poly 15 tooth piston
- Maxx aluminum ball-bearing piston head
- APS ball bearing spring guide
-SHS double o-ring aluminum cylinder head
-Maxx double o-ring aluminum air nozzle
-gearbox is re-shimmed
-ZCI high-torque neodymium motor
-EMG/Maxx ME pro hopup
-6.01x430mm inner barrel
-maple leaf bucking

full metal
430fps with .20 (400fps with .25, 390fps with .28)

Comes with everything shown
all 5 mags are 190rd mid-caps

includes 3 batteries for the red dot, and a microfiber cloth to clean the barrel.

*Battery is an 11.1v 35c 2600mah lipo

=> This gun started as an APS asr 118. It has had heavy modifications, the only real stock parts on the gun are the cylinder, the anti-reversal latch, the upper and lower receiver, gearbox shell, and the grip and heatsink.
Some other parts are still oem, but aren't technically original, because they still were replacement parts. It has been sitting for a while, this build is a couple years old, and needs to be sold, hence the low price.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 430
Status: Working