KJW KC02 (Upgraded Heavily)

KC02 Upgraded Heavily ($250 New)
- Tight bore Barrel ($45)
- Modified Hopup dial (Capable of overhop my .36g)
- MP5 HPA Mag Adapter ($119 New - Rarely Available)
- KF Piston ($80 New)
- Includes 2 green gas long type mags (one mag is boneyard)
- Includes 1 MP5 midcap mag ($6)

With my .36g bbs I have been able to hit 250ft+ shots.
510 FPS with .25g

Doesn't include scope

Gun Issues:
- Top rail has a small crack, replacement part can be easily obtained by KJW for reasonable price

Total for all parts new : $500
Asking price : $400

Pictures coming soon!

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 550
Status: Working