Tokoyo Marui VSR 10 Pro Sniper Upgraded

Highly upgraded TM VSR 10 pro sniper. Upgrades include angel custom zero trigger and piston, reinforced cylinder, M150 spring (easily changed to M130 or M170), action army 6.03 tight bore barrel, Prometheus purple bucking, upgrades hop up arm, and top dead center (TDC) mod. The TDC mod makes for extremely straight, accurate shots and can be “locked” into place with the adjustment nut, providing exceptional consistency shot to shot.

This gun shoots very well with quality bbs like the Novritch .46 g bbs. I built this gun with the intent of becoming an airsoft sniper but realized it’s not really my style. I have well over $500 invested in this gun. Gun comes with two mags, case, sling, and unjamming rod. I can also throw in scope rings and a small scope if desired for no extra charge. Scope pictured is not included.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 475
Status: Working