Husar LTD Noble gen. II full PC and chestrig set

Condition: Used

Brand: Husar

For sale by: Owner

Plate carrier:
Noble GenII (first commercial product of Ranger Green, size L, can take all formats of plates.

differences betwean production version and my custom order:
- lack of quick release system
- main straps are integrated with font of pc
- cord tunnel under hoodie
- 3 rifle mag pouches insted of interchangeable slot

- Foam comfort pads
- Laminate cummerband
- PC -> chestrigg conversion kit
- 2x Templar's gear duoble stack quick mag pouches (one is damaged but working)
- Templar's gear single stack quick mag pouch
- Baribal gear large utility pouch
- DBR custom gear 'under pc' waist pouch

Detailed photos of every pice in the set:

  • Plates visible at photos are not part of the deal!
Size (top): L