Tokyo Maui AK47

TM AK-47:

Upgraded to 300-320 FPS by AEX in SD with std. CA Durability Upgrade

Comes with
-5 MAG Brand mags (always feeds)
-1 TM high cap mag
-Standard TM Mag
-Two speedloaders (unknown brand)
-Two bags of Bio bbs.
-Vietcong chest rig
-Large 3300 mah type battery (not pictured)
-Dynamite charger with speed setting (not pictured)
-Soft Case (not pictured)

Looking to sell locally in Southern Cal. Would be billing to drive to meet up to sell (hopefully half way)

Willing to ship for additional fee ($20)

Price: $275

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 320
Status: Working