Bloomies mk18 custom #1

Practically brand new inside and out

-vfc mk18 in fde
-eotech repro xps2 cerakoted in magpul fde
-FMA peq15
-magpul ACS stock
-stubby tango down vert grip

-gate titan mosfet rear wired
-rhopd and lapped 285mm 6.02 steel zci barrel
-vfc rotary hop with flat nub and flat bucking
-vfc 8mm gb shell
-polished slide rails and radiused shell
-12:1 gear set ss 3 teeth
-shs metal rack piston
-lonex cylinder
-lonex cylinder head
-60d sorbo
-lonex air nozzle
-lonex piston head
-vfc tappet
-vfc ball bearing spring guide
-m130 spring
-asg 30k motor

Shooting just under 400fps at 30rps
Excellent trigger response and range and accuracy as to be expected in a bloomies rifle ;)

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 390
Status: Working