Bloomies mk18 custom #3

Another bloomies mk18 :)

G&P colt body
Madbull mk18 rail
Magpul afg
Magpul mbus
Surefire repro m952v with IR

Gate titan mosfet (advanced)
Lonex 8mm gearbox shell (radiused)
Shs 12:1 gear set SS 3 teeth
Shs metal rack piston
Lonex tappet
Lonex cylinder
Lonex cylinder head
Lonex air nozzle
Lonex piston head
M130 spring
Lonex ball bearing spring guide
Asg 40k motor
Rhopd and lapped 285mm 6.02 zci barrel
Lonex hop chamber
Flat bucking and flat nub

Excellent trigger response and accuracy and range :)
Shooting just under 400fps at 35rps

Can adjust rof or fps if need be

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 380
Status: Working