LCT Ak105 FSB build BTC hella built

base gun is an LCT ak104
-R-Hopped Prometheus 300mm 6.03
-Lonex Metal hop up
-Retro Arms POM Piston head
-SHS piston
-Sorbo pad
-Stock Full Cylinder
-SHS 13:1 gears; short stroked 2
-Sector delayer
-BTC Chimera (full auto little lever/button thing is broken so only semi works atm, BTC can repair it for free)
-SHS HT motor
-Lonex metal spring guide
-LCT Tactical AK upper rail dust cover (original dust cover WILL be included)
-Asura b30/b31
-LCT Mag well spacer
-US AK Palm Grip (original grip WILL be included)
-Ladder rail covers
-Asura Dynamics Western Style AK to M4 Folding Stock Adapter with Buffer Tube. No longer folds, folding mechanism wouldn't hold so I JB welded it in place.
-ASAP plate (upside down, dremel'd down to be more aesthetic)
-Magpul CTR stock
-CAA Thunder 3 Finger Vertical Grip TVG
-LCT "krinkov" flash hider/amplifier
Shoots ~380 w/ .2s (now a bit lower from a lot of use)
Shooting Video(before motor swap and external changes and hella use):
recentish gameplays with it:

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 380
Status: Working