G&P M4 Boneyard Project

G&P M4 project. I've been trying to get this thing together working but I have just had no luck. My misfortune might be your lucky snag.

Includes G&P receiver, Madbull rail, choice of stock, and the following internals:

  • Retro Arms Split gearbox w/ integrated hopup

  • SHS 18:1 gears

  • Gate Titan Mosfet

  • SHS Tappet Plate

  • SHS/Rocket 16TPA Long High Torque Motor

  • Lonex Enhanced Cylinder Head and Nozzel

  • G&P Cylinder

  • G&P Stock inner barrel

  • SHS 15-tooth Full Metal Rack Piston w/ Piston Head with Sorbo pad and shaved first tooth

  • G&P T1 Replica for an extra $35

$500 obo