Upgraded Krytac LMG Limited

I have for sale today the Krytac LMG Limited Edition. This was part of the initial run of LMGs when Krytac came out. They are harder to find because the run was fairly short.

There are a good number of upgrades in this gun, to include a BTC Chimera mosfet, Siegetek gears, and aluminum nozzle, and a Prowin hopup paired with a Prommy barrel and bucking (I also believe the piston is upgraded but cannot confirm at this time). Everything together would retail over 800 dollars, not counting the tech work to install them. The box mag is also modified to use

Some negatives to the gun, however, are that the box mag doesn't work, which is a pretty simple fix but I don't have the time for it. One of the nice things about the Krytac LMG though is that it takes M4 mags with no issues. It also is an old gun and as such, is not in perfect condition externally. There is wear and tear on it, and the right hand selector switch is missing. Also, it needs new insulation/heatshrink for the wiring, and a buffer tube/stock.

-A bit more rare than the standard Krytac LMG
-BTC Chimera
-Siegetek 10:1 gears
-Upgraded nozzle
-Upgraded piston(I believe)
-Prommy barrel and bucking with Prowin hopup chamber
-Takes M4 mags
-Can be used at CQB fields

-Box mag not feeding
-Dings/scratches/general external wear
-Wiring needs new insulation/heatshrink
-Needs buffer tube and stock

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 350
Status: Working