VFC 416 Build


Selling my high end build, got a Tokyo Marui 416 coming so this must go to fund the new build. It was built by Xero Customs in the DFW, Texas area. Accessories are not included. Need them for next build.

ZCI 22 TPA Motor
BTC Spectre MK2 BT
SHS 13:1
M100/M110 (not sure just know it shoots 385-390 FPS)
SHS Cylinder
Modify Tappet Plate
Prometheus Cylinderhead
Prometheus Air Nozzle
Krytac Hop Up
Lonex 70 Bucking (flat hop)
ZCI 6.02 Barrel (r hop patch)

Gearbox was rebuilt 1/11/19, just upgraded some parts.

Shipping on buyers dime.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 390
Status: Working