G&P Custom AR-15 AEG Magpul Fortis

Replica custom builded based on G&P Full Metal Advanced M4 Carbine AEG

External modifications:
Angel custom Hex silencer
Fortis Switch 556 14' handguard
Fortis Switch (keymod) verical grip
RailScales HTP Scales Dragon scales FDE
Magpul EPS Stock FDE
Magpul EPG Grip FDE
Magpul ESP-M (QD)
Strike Industires Fang trigger guard FDE

Internal modifications:
Ultimate 3000 (m110-m150) Engine
Retro Arms CNC Split GearBox shell
Retro Arms CNC rotary Hop Up chamber v2
Orga Magnus HD 6.23x363mm inner barrel
Maple leaf Macaron 75deg HU rubber
Maple leaf Omega nub
Guarder Boreup set
Guarder M130 spring
Ultimate pistion set (up to M170)
Gate Titan advanced mosfet
2x Electroriver 11,1 V 2000mAH LiPO battery
WE 11,1 V 2600 mAH LiPO battery
Custom panit job (as on second photo) done with removeable paint
9x Custom painted G&P ball midcup mag
1x black G&P ball midcup mag
Guardforce Vanguard hardcase

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 430
Status: Working