1. replica WWII german splinter camo smock, size I (large) brand new never even worn it- 45 shipped

  2. Flecktarn pants- no tags but theyre a large/medium
    flecktarn jacket size 165-175/100- basically a small medium 35 shipped for both or 20 shipped each

  3. dpm pants- size 85/100/116 basically large
    dpm top size 180/112 (also large) 30 shipped for both or 15 shipped each

  4. Allwin AOR2 combat shirt, XL reg, faded a bit. 25 shipped

  5. Russian army light summer oversuit in Sumrak camo- size 52. 30 shipped

  6. Multicam top in Large reg. unkown brand. i bought this in 2009, its been around since. someone please buy it. 15$ shipped

  7. Desert DPM top, size small....or medium, feels small, no tags. 15$ shipped

  8. random oakley gloves that happened to be in the picture? offer if you want them?

Size (top): M