A&K SR25

A&K SR25

Full metal, shoots really well and has been a reliable gun. All stock internally aside from a high torque motor which gives a better trigger response as well as a MOSFET has been installed, I just can’t remember which it was.

Cosmetically, the gun has a set of rail covers, aftermarket flash hider and grip and has been converted to an adjustable stock.

Gun will come with 2 hi-cap mags.

For extra, I have the following add-ons:

6x scope (pictured) +$20
Bipod (pictures) +$5
ProWin HopUp Chamber +$25
Battery 1600mah, 9.6v +$10
Lipo, 11.1v +$15
Charger (have different kinds) +$10 - $20

If you opt out of buying the scope, iron sights will be fit on the gun.

$180, obo, + 50% of shipping (gun, 2 mags, iron sights)

No swaps please.

Status: Working